What makes air-dried dog food better?

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Drying food is one of the oldest and simplest methods of preservation.  By gently removing the moisture from the ingredients, microorganisms are unable to survive therefore preventing spoil and decay. 

Unlike the processes used to make kibble, canned and cooked dog food, air-dried food is not exposed to high temperatures. This means the proteins and sensitive nutrients do not deteriorate and the result is a concentrated food that is very digestible.

As air-dried dog food is richer in terms of calories and nutrients, the feeding requirements are less than that of other food types.  Due to its digestibility, more of the nutrients are absorbed resulting in smaller amounts of firm poop for you to scoop!

There are no awkward storage requirements for air-dried dog food.  If it is kept in a cool, dry place then it will last for months, even when the pack has been opened (unless of course your hound manages to access it, which they are incredibly likely to attempt!)

The Innocent Hound’s air-dried complete dog food is handmade in small batches in Yorkshire.  The business has developed a bespoke system which gently dries the food over a period of 3-5 days.  The recipes are grain free with a high meat or fish content which has been sustainably sourced.  The Innocent Hound has been making air-dried treats for 6 years and now uses its expertise to produce a luxury, healthy complete food for your hounds to enjoy.

The Innocent Hound Air-Dried Complete Dog Food

The Innocent Hound’s Air-Dried Complete Dog Food:

  • A nutritious and nourishing everyday food which will support your hound’s overall wellbeing.
  • An easy alternative to a raw diet without the inconvenience – it requires no preparation, no awkward storage, and there is no Yuk factor!
  • Ideal for taking away when travelling with you hounds as a raw substitute.
  • And it is perfect to have in the cupboard for those days when you’ve forgotten to defrost the food.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our new air-dried complete food. Please contact woof@theinnocenthound.co.uk 

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