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Complete Food Feeding Guide

This feeding guide is an approximate guide, and will vary based on your dog's age, health and activity levels. Our air-dried complete food is for puppies from 8 weeks and adult dogs.

Puppy feeding guide

Puppy Feeding Guide | Air - Dried Complete Dog Food
Puppy Feeding Guide | Air - Dried Complete Dog Food

Adult dog feeding guide

Feeding Guide | Air-Dried Complete Dog Food


Kitten & Cat feeding guide

Cat Feeding Guide | Air-Dried Complete Cat Food

Every 100g of food is made from 200g of raw ingredients.
Our complete dog and cat foods are suitable for everyday feeding and can be stored at room temperature. Our resealable pouches are 100% recyclable, and once opened, the food will remain fresh for up to eight weeks.

If you have any questions about our feeding guide, please contact: