Our Air-Dried Food

What is 'air-dried' food ? 
We have a bespoke system which gently dries the food over a period of up to 7 days. Our air-dried food is different to other food types such as freeze-dried or cold pressed as it is not exposed to high temperatures or pressures. This means the proteins and sensitive nutrients do not deteriorate and the result is a concentrated food that is very digestible. 
How is our air-dried food made? 
Unlike conventional dry dog foods that are cooked at high temperatures, our ingredients are simply mixed together and prepared. 
Made in small batches with minimal processing, our raw ingredients are mixed together and put into our bespoke drying system for up to 7 days. This slow and gentle air-flow retains the natural nutrients and flavour in the ingredients. Once it's dried to a point where no bacterial growth can occur, our food is sliced, hand packed and delivered to your door for your hounds to enjoy. 
How do I store your air-dried food? 
There are no awkward storage requirements for air-dried dog food.  If it is kept in a cool, dry place then it will last for months, even when the pack has been opened (unless of course your hound manages to access it, which they are incredibly likely to attempt!)
Do you offer food samples ?
Yes, we do; 100g sample pouches are available to purchase here. The cost of these includes delivery and a discount code for if you go onto purchasing a larger amount of food. 


My pet is on a raw diet. Can they eat your treats?
Absolutely! All of our treats are air-dried, meaning that they are not heat treated (not cooked), so are suitable for raw fed diets.
My pet is on a diet. Which are your lowest fat treats?
All of our treats are fairly low in fat, however our three lowest treats are:
The Innocent Hound Tuna & Crab Rewards - 1.35% fat
The Innocent Hound Salmon Bites with Sweet Potato- 5.6% fat
The Innocent Hound Skin & Coat Support with Aloe Vera & Spirulina- 4.5% fat
My pet has allergies. Can you help?
We recommend that you speak to your vet about your pet's allergies before placing an order with us. All of our ingredients are available on our website under the specific product pages, but if you would like to speak to one of our team for further information- please contact: woof@theinnocenthound.co.uk.
All of The Innocent range are free from the following allergens:
- Egg
- Soya
- Grains
- Dairy


Where do you source your ingredients ? 
We're proud to support British farming by using British ingredients across our entire food and treats range here at The Innocent Hound. Our meat is farmed in Britain which has some of the highest farming and animal welfare standards in the world. The farms we source from are Red Tractor accredited, and our fish is sourced from sustainable suppliers.  We only use human-grade fresh meat, including free-range, wild and organic. We have full traceability which is vital for food safety.  
What does 'grain free' mean?
We take pride in the safety and welfare of our pets. We know that lots of our furry friends have allergies, so we do not include grains into any of our recipes. Grain free is without wheat, oats, barley, rice, seeds, cereal and corn.
What is single and dual protein?
As some animals cannot tolerate certain proteins, we label all of our treats with either single or dual protein. 
Single protein means that there is only one meat in the treat. Dual protein means there is two meats (for example: Salmon Bites contain Salmon and Venison, so they are dual protein treats).


What is your delivery time?
We pride ourselves on fast, secure delivery. The majority of our orders are next day service if you order before 1pm, with outer UK postcodes up to 2-3 working days. 


How much can I save by setting up a subscription ?

We offer a 15% off subscription discount, giving you 15% off every recurring order. *Please note that the 15% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

How do I set up a subscription ?
On each product page, just above the 'add to cart button' there is an option to select 'subscribe and save 15%'. From here just select the order frequency and checkout as normal. Please note the subscription option is not visible on quick view mode, you need to be on the full product page to select. Once a subscription is set up you can login and manage your account. 
Is your subscription service flexible ?
We understand that the needs of your pet can change, so our subscription service is fully flexible . You can login to your account and make any amendments at any time, including how often you'd like it to be delivered and what products you'd like on your next order.

Stocking The Innocent Hound

I am a pet shop owner/ retailer and would like to stock your treats. How do I do this?
We would love for your store to stock our products! Contact orders@innocentpetcare.co.uk with your trade order enquiries and we will be happy to respond with further information.