We can promise our products are the finest quality, because we make them!


What Is Air-Dried Food? 

Air-drying is one of the oldest methods of naturally preserving food and has been used for centuries - long before the days of fridges and freezers! 

Our air-dried food is made in small batches with minimal processing here in our human-grade factory. Our raw ingredients are simply mixed together and put into our bespoke drying system for up to 7 days. This slow and gentle air-flow retains the natural nutrients and flavour in the ingredients. Once it's dried, our food is sliced, hand packed and delivered to your door for your hounds to enjoy.  

how we gently air-dry our pet foods at The Innocent Hound

Step Inside Our Factory

You can find out how we make your pet's favourite healthy foods, by watching our fully immersive, virtual reality video tour below!  Don't forget to move your device (or use the mouse on a laptop) to change the view of the camera! 


Handcrafted With Love

Each product we make involves at least 10 points of manual intervention and expertise.  We are proud of the fact that our treats are lovingly handcrafted by our knowledgeable team who always strive for perfection. 


Meet The Team