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Hello everyone! It’s Ollie here from River Dogs doggy daycare centre in Tadcaster! The amazing people from The Innocent Pet have asked me to write up a guest blog about the benefits of doggy daycare (they must be able to tell that I’m an 'Innocent Hound').

Ollie River Dogs

I’ve rounded up some of my friends and put together an article about why we like being part of a cool crew like the River Dogs. Not only is it a cool name for an all-dog-rock-band, but it’s also a safe and comfortable environment that we can relax in and be cared for. Anyway, don’t just take my word for it; let’s hear from some other Innocent Pets who can’t get enough of doggy daycare!


5 Reasons Why Doggy Daycare Is Good For Your Pet

  1. Making Friends

Otis River Dogs

Hey, Otis here! Now one of the main benefits of doggy daycare is the people; the dogs I mean. It was a little bit daunting seeing all of those faces staring back at me when I came in on my first day, but now I can’t wait to get booked in and spend some time with my friends. It’s an excellent place for socialising and much better than being stuck at home while my parents are out at work.


This might come as a shock to you, but dogs don’t like being cooped up and left to their own devices. We get bored pretty easily and end up eating your slippers or watching copious amounts of Netflix until our eyes go square. River Dogs Daycare gives us plenty of chance to run around and play with other four-legged friends in a safe and secure place, and it’s helped some of my other pals to feel more confident around other dogs when they’re out walking on weekends too!


  1. Exercise
I'm Seb, the exercise buff. I love to get out on a good walk around the countryside; sniffing fresh, clean air and staring at my reflection in the River Wharfe have always been two of my favourite past times, so it's great that we have the advantage of being taken out for a long stroll when we visit River Dogs. As well as helping us to stay in good shape, regular exercise has a positive effect on our mental health and keeps us in good spirits.

Seb River Dogs

River Dogs has a great area where we can run around inside to our heart's content, and there’s also a play yard with a wendy house that I can use to cool down after a tough work out. There’s a never-ending supply of tennis balls to chase after, and the staff enjoy playing with us and never seem to get tired (believe me, I’ve tried to wear them out!) I like going home to my parents feeling content, and I never fail to have a good nights sleep. Now if I could only stop dreaming about tennis balls…


  1. Health Checks

Stanley River Dogs

Hi everybody, Stanley here. I'm the River Dogs law and safety pup, like the guys from Paw Patrol. I'm here to talk to you about the benefits of doggy daycare in regards to keeping your pooch fit and healthy, and trust me when I tell you that no stone is left unturned. Part of the benefit of a licensed doggy daycare centre is that the staff work closely with local vets. On a side not, you should always pick a licensed daycare centre to make sure that your beloved pets are well looked after, and it will give you prace of mind to know that you organisation has passed stringent safety checks designed to keep your furry friends safe.

River Dogs has worked with local vets to make up a checklist that the staff use to monitor us. They give a quick report to our parents when we get picked up or dropped off, and there's always help on hand if we come down with dog-flu while we're away from home. They like to know that we're being taken care of, and regular health checks mean that things can be spotted and dealt with really quickly.

  1. Learning

We’re Betty and Nelly, and we want to talk about how much you can learn while hanging out with your friends at your local daycare centre. One of the benefits of doggy daycare is getting to spend time mixing with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and we're certainly all very different from each other here at River Dogs (apart from Betty and me; we're pretty much twins!). Some of our friends found it hard to walk with other dogs at first, while others felt shy at being around certain breeds or in big packs. We help each other to get better at the bits that we're afraid or unsure of; think of us as one big happy family!

Betty & Nelly River Dogs

But it’s not just behavioural traits that we pick up while we’re out of the house; some of the younger River Dogs have learnt how to fetch toys and seek for hidden treasure, and others have discovered that they like a little bit of alone time where they can collect their thoughts. We’ve all learnt to write Dog Blogs too, which is pretty good considering that none of us knew how to use a computer before we joined the team! They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I think we’re all testament to the fact that whoever wrote this saying was barking up the wrong tree!


  1. A Home From Home

I’m Ronda, and Ollie has given me the job of rounding up this benefits of doggy daycare list. The River Dogs daycare centre isn’t just a place where we get dropped off for the day; it’s a home from home and one that we get excited about going to. Our parents aren’t worried about us when they’re out at work, and we’re too busy having fun to be thinking about the boring meetings that they might be in. We get picked up and dropped off, so they don’t have to worry about rushing through traffic if they have an early start, and from door to door we’re surrounded by smiling faces.

Ronda River DogsWe're allowed to our own thing and are never molly-coddled, but there's always an endless supply of cuddles on hand if we're feeling a little bit down in the doldrums. When we return home, we're usually shattered and enjoy having a good nap, but not well before we tell our parents all about the incredible day that we've had!

There you have it folks; the benefits of doggy daycare explained by genuine doggy daycare experts. The next time you wonder if your dog would like to visit a daycare centre, you'll know what they will have in store when they walk through the front door. It's not a noisy kennel, and it's certainly not a boring place to be. River Dogs' licensed and devoted canine care puts dogs at the very heart of its business, and as you can see, my friends and I can't get enough of it!




















Thank you for reading our blog, and thank you to The Innocent Pet for letting us chat to you all. Visit River Dogs to find out more about our policies, services and business values, and to book your four-legged friends in for an assessment!

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