Celebrating National Dog Day

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As a nation of dog lovers, what better occasion to spoil your hound with extra love and affection than National Dog Day! 

Of course every day is dog day when you have a hound at home, but the 26th of August was founded as National Dog Day in 2004 with the aim of celebrating dogs of all breeds and sizes everywhere. It wanted to encourage people to recognise and appreciate the companionship and comfort that our dogs provide us with on a daily basis, and to highlight the number of dogs in rescue centres searching for homes. 

As today is revolved around appreciating and giving attention to our hounds, both those at home, and those in rescue centres; here are some ways to kickstart the day. 

Get active with your dog

Support your dogs physical health by getting active, whether that be going for a paw dip in the sea, or playing in the garden. Getting out and about does not only provide physical benefits, it also provides your hound with some much needed mental stimulation and enrichment.

Donate to a rescue organisation

Do you have a bundle of old blankets lying around, or harnesses they've outgrown from when they were a puppy ? Most animal rescue charities welcome donations of toys, bedding and treats. We always recommend calling ahead first to check they're accepting donations. 

Make Pup-cakes 

Why not celebrate with our delicious, grain free meaty cake mix. Made with air-dried British duck, juicy chopped apples and sweet whole cranberries, it is easy to make, and the paw-fect treat for your hound to enjoy on a day dedicated to them. 

But most importantly, National Dog Day promotes responsible pet ownership through education and awareness, and encourages the adoption of dogs by giving rescues the opportunity to highlight the perfect pets they have up for rehoming. 

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