3 Reasons Air-dried is Ideal For Travelling

Posted by Phoebe Mason on

Here's a quick list of why taking our air-dried food away with you on your dog friendly summer holiday, might make traveling that little bit easier. 

1. Raw alternative 

There is no need to keep our food refrigerated or in the freezer. As it's suitable to be stored at room temperature and ready to serve straight from the pouch, it makes an ideal option for those camping trips away or when you simply don't have much space left in the freezer!

2. Less to carry

Our air-dried food has such a high nutritional value that the feeding requirements are often less than what you might expect. The less food your dogs needs to eat every day = the less you have to pack into the car. 

Plus, all our packaging is recyclable, so once the food has been enjoyed by your hound, you can pop the packaging into the nearest recycling bin. 

3. Can be used as treats 

All of foods contain 70% British meat or MSC sourced fish, meaning our food can double up as training treats for when you're out and about. This can come in handy, especially when you're exploring new places and your dog could use a little extra reward and encouragement. 


We have seven flavours available so try a sample and find your hounds favourite flavour before your next getaway. 

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