Long Lasting Antler Chews

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100%  natural, our shed deer antlers make healthy and long-lasting dental chews.


Deer will shed (or cast) their antlers from December through to late March. There is a blood supply and an abundance of nutrients to help the antler grow during its cycle, which dry up inside the antler once it has naturally shed.  This makes them a great source of calcium, magnesium, fibre and iron for your dogs.  The Innocent Hound use 100% naturally shed British antlers, sourced from the Scottish Highlands to make long lasting dog chews, as well as a range of natural rope toys. 


Benefits of antler chews 

Not only do antlers provide a long lasting chew for your hound to gnaw on,  they also help to keep clean teeth by acting as a natural dental chew. By chewing on the antler it helps to remove plaque off your dog’s teeth, keeping your dogs dental hygiene in tip top condition. 

They're hypoallergenic!  Antlers are perfect for those hounds with sensitive tummies. Not to mention they contain no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.  

No bad smells; antlers are odourless. They do not become slimy or out of date, meaning your dog can keep coming back to there tasty treat.

High quality deer antlers are less likely to splinter and break compared to bones. Due to there hard texture, it's very unlikely they'll become brittle or splinter with use.

Chewing is a healthy form of natural stress relief in dogs and antlers provide the ideal outlet. They're also a simple and easy way of keeping your dog occupied, especially useful for those hounds with a tendency to chew on the furniture when they're bored!



As our antlers are naturally shed, they come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning you can select an antler that's the right size for your hound. We have four sizes of antler available, ranging from small, to extra large.  If there is a particular shape that your dog prefers, leave a note on your order and our team will do the best they can to find you a suitable piece.

We also combine pieces of antler with natural rope to make fun, interactive toys for you and your hound to bond with - whilst being 100% natural.

We recommend always supervising your dog when they are chewing, and ensure fresh water is always provided. 

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