Planning the Perfect Dog Walk

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National Walk Your Dog Week is dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle so take advantage and use this week to change up your daily routine and venture somewhere new using our top tips below.

Exploring the outdoors together with your hound is the perfect opportunity to bond, enjoy some fresh air and get active together. When planning your trip out together remember to take into account your dog's age, breed and fitness.

Forward planning

Doing a little bit of forward planning goes a long way. Prior to setting of on your adventures take a moment to consider what type of ground you'll be walking on, the season you're in, checking the track is dog friendly, and what you'll need to take with you. 

Dogs have a harder time regulating their temperature than us, so if it's warm don't forget to take some water with you, but as autumn begins, a waterproof coat is more likely to come in useful to you. 


Safe Travels

It's important that we set our hounds up for success! Car travel can often be a stressful experience for many hounds so make sure you have a secure dog crate, or barrier ready in the car and remember to plan comfort breaks into your journey to allow them an opportunity to stretch their legs and have a drink. 


Spotting calm places 

Walks are more than just physical exercise! Dogs are driven by their noses so allowing your dog to have a good sniff around provides them with mental stimulation, which can be just as tiring as a long run. Why not try taking some tasty treats with you to sprinkle around in the grass for your dog to sniff out. 

If you're dog just isn't up for a big walk, find somewhere quite to relax and watch the world go by instead. 

Dog walks don't have to be monotonous, go for a paddle, play training games or just keep it varied by finding different walking routes. Why not try and explore somewhere new once a week. Do you have a hidden beach, or a new park nearby you could try visiting?

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