Pet Wellness Month

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With October being pet wellness month, it's a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of looking after our pet's wellbeing. 

Our pets are part of our family, so it's important we keep them happy and healthy. As owners, we know every month, week and day is a pet wellness day, but let's take this opportunity to revisit and think about what's really best for our pets.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your pets stay healthy: 


A good diet is the foundation of your pet's wellbeing, so in order to keep your pet fit and healthy they need a nutritional food. Proper nutrition is essential to provide an energy source, maintain skin and coat heath, and perform their usual daily antics! Having a healthy balanced diet also helps control your pet's digestion and weight, as well as preventing conditions such as obesity. 

Getting enough exercise 

Alongside a good diet, exercise is another important factor involved with our pet's wellbeing. Whether this is going for a run, competing in sports, or enjoying the great outdoors, spending some quality time with your pet is vital for both their physical and emotional health. 

Dogs are incredibly social creatures so even just playing with a toy or engaging in enrichment activities is fun and helps boost their overall health. A consistent routine will also help build a strong bond between you, keep their muscles active and their blood pressure low. 

Take care of those teeth

Taking care of your pet's dental hygiene is just as important as our own! Dental diseases are one of the most common health concerns in both dogs and cats, therefore our pets need regular dental care to prevent them.

This care could include regular brushing of teeth, eating a healthy balanced diet, and offering suitable dental chews. Routine dental check-ups at the vets also help identify and treat any dental issues before they become a bigger problem! 



Our pets rely on us to look after them, so a healthy diet, regular exercise and routine vet check-ups go a long way in ensuring our four-legged friends live a long happy life. 

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