How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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It seems that the weather of 2018 doesn't come in halves. Having finally said goodbye to the Beast from the East after weeks of ice and snow, it seems that British Summertime is making up for the icy chill. 

With temperatures consistently soaring up to 25 degrees since April, it looks like a hot Summer in the UK is here to stay. But how do our pets stay cool?

Dogs don't release heat in the same way that humans do. Whilst we can sweat all over our bodies, dogs release heat through places like their noses and paw pads, and panting cools a dog down much quicker. Because of this, it's so important to know how to keep your dog cool through these warm days.


Tips to keep your hounds cool:

What's the time?

Walks are an essential part of your dog's physical and mental health. However walking in the heat isn't fun for you or your pup. By walking in the early hours of the morning and late at night, it is much cooler for both of you to enjoy. Keep in mind that pavements and roads can still be very hot in the evenings, so walk in shaded or grassy areas where possible.

 dog walk sunset


It may seem obvious, but keep your dog's water topped up throughout the day. Your dog will be drinking more than usual in the warmth, so remember to keep an eye out, or offer multiple water bowls.

Also remember to carry water out on walks, or any trips out- no matter how short.

 dog drinking water

Sun worship

Keep your pets out of the midday sun. The hottest part of the day is usually between 11-3, so for those who like to soak up the sun, bring them inside over the middle of the day or offer plenty of shaded cool spots.

Dogs' skin can burn. Make sure to have sun cream on hand, particularly for white dogs or short-haired dogs. Pay attention to fur-less areas such as noses, bellies, and tips of ears, remembering to re-apply.


Take a dip!

Offer your dog somewhere to swim, whether it's in the great outdoors or in a paddling pool in your garden. For those who don't like to swim, offer a wet towel to sit on as dogs cool from the bottom up and this can cool them down quickly. 

dog swimming pool

Your number one fan

If your pooch isn't a lover of getting wet, set up a fan that they can lay in front of. This will keep both you and your dog cool in the heat.

dog with fan

Ice, ice, baby

Ice lollies for dogs! Just like people, your hounds will enjoy a frozen treat. Ice cube trays are perfect, you can add homemade stock or yoghurt to fruit, and The Innocent Hound sliced treats!

 dog ice cream

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