Celebrating the original Innocent Hound's Gotcha Day

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Earlier this year, The Innocent Hound celebrated its fifth birthday. For five years, our furry friends have been enjoying the delicious flavours of venison, duck, and salmon made into mouth-watering sausage treats. But did you ever wonder who The Innocent Hound is?

Back in 2013, The Innocent Hound was founded in a family kitchen. Whilst making delicious meals for the two- legged members of the family, Chloe wanted to offer the same tasty, nutritious offerings for the fluffier family member, Bongo. It was this mission to create a high quality treat using British ingredients, that inspired The Innocent Hound your pets know and love today.

11 month old Bongo going home with his new paw-rents!

A Bedlington Terrier- Whippet cross, Bongo was born in 2007- but to the name Blue. He started life in a nearby rescue, where he was visited by Chloe & Justin who were on the lookout for their first puppy. Aged 11 months, 'Blue' had captured the heart of soon-to-be paw-rent Chloe, who didn't want to leave him behind. And so it was, newly named Bongo had his fresh start in life, enjoying the fields of Yorkshire as his home with his new family. 

Fast forward to today, and we are proudly celebrating Bongo's 10 year Gotcha Day! As the inspiration behind The Innocent Hound, Bongo spends his days as the Head of Product Testing in his very own sausage factory, joined by younger brother Mash. The boys are scrupulous in their checks, testing each batch to ensure they have been handcrafted to paw-fection!

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