What is air-dried food?

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Innocent hounds all over the UK are enjoying our delicious and healthy, air-dried dog food - but what exactly is air-dried dog food? 

This is a relatively new category of pet food, but you should also know that not all air-drying methods and foods are the same.  We wanted to tell you exactly how we make ours...

  1. It all begins with the finest ingredients

You can't make a high quality food without using high quality ingredients - so we carefully source ours from approved suppliers.  Using freshly prepared raw, British meat and healthy fruit and vegetables, you can be sure The Innocent Hound's food provides a healthy, complete diet. 

  1. Crafting

Our production method requires very little processing.  Our raw ingredients are simply mixed together, before being handcrafted to make our range of food and treats.  We make everything in small batches so the quality of every meal can be checked by our dedicated team.

  1. Air-drying

We have developed a bespoke drying system that is very different to how other dog foods are produced (even other air-dried foods!). Our dryers provide a cool and gentle drying environment which slowly removes the moisture from our ingredients over a period of up to 7 days.  We do not expose the ingredients to temperatures above 40°C, thus protecting the nutrients and flavours of the raw ingredients.  

  1. Finishing

To finish, our foods are sliced, hand-packed and delivered to hounds up and down the country. We use a carbon neutral delivery courier to deliver your hounds' favourite parcel, direct to your door. 


It is a very simple process, but one that results in a delicious and nutritious feast for your own innocent hounds. Our food is as close to raw food as you can get - but it has all of the convenience of a kibble.  There is no need to freeze, refrigerate, defrost or soak it - simply serve straight from the pack!

Get ready for clean bowls and happy hounds by trying a sample today. 


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