How to Keep Your Hound Happy on Halloween

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The 31st of October is a spooky night, and with sweets and chocolate in abundance and knocking trick or treaters, the celebrations can cause a lot of stress to our anxious pets at home.

Here are some tips that dog owners can keep in mind to keep their furry pals safe and comfortable during Halloween:

Hide the human treats

Halloween candies can contain chocolate, xylitol, and other ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Always keep the candy out of reach.

Secure the decorations

Decorations like jack-o'-lanterns, candles, and glow sticks can be hazardous for pets. Keep them away from curious paws and ensure they are securely placed.

Keep pets indoors

Despite your pup's love for evening strolls, Halloween is a night when outdoor activities can be stressful. Keep your pets indoors and offer them a safe and quiet space away from the noise and commotion of the trick-or-treaters. Consider playing calming music to help block out outside noises.

How to keep your dog safe on Halloween

ID your pets

In case your pet gets out, make sure they have an ID tag on their collar with your updated contact information so that they can be easily returned to you.

Provide a distraction

Offer your pet a distraction such as an enrichment treat-dispensing toy or freeze a Rylo stuffed with their favourite FurrBoost drink and The Innocent Hound treats - so that it keeps them occupied for a longer period of time during the Halloween festivities. 

The Innocent Hound Sausages, FurrBoost and Rylo

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