Gotcha Day!

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happy gotcha day

Gotcha Day, what is it?

For any pet owners, Gotcha Day is simply the date of when their beloved animal came into the home. With rescues and adoptions, many owners don't know the exact date of their pet's birthday, so Gotcha Day is an unofficial birthday of sorts.

Why is it becoming more popular?

With over 120,000 animals rescued by the RSPCA in 2016, it is difficult finding homes for all of them. So when a pet is rehomed, it is a great cause for celebration! Just as we have birthdays, it is only natural to want to celebrate when your pet comes into their furever home.


How can I celebrate Gotcha Day with my pet?

There are plenty of ways for you to celebrate. It could be a simple as a special (pet friendly) dinner with the family, or if your pet has lots of friends- why not throw a party?

Another great way to celebrate your Gotcha Day is with photographs! Spend the morning playing with your pet and take lots of lovely pictures. Have your own photoshoot!

Lots of pawrents bake yummy animal cakes as a special treat- The Innocent Pet slices make a perfect pupcake topper!





“Today is my Gotcha Day/Birthday!! I’ve been with Mama for 10 years today!! Mama made me a oat & molasses cake! I shared some with Willow.” ~Gina ... Hi y’all!!! Toni here! I just wanted to wish my beloved mare a very Happy Gotcha Day/Birthday to my love!💜 I can't believe I've had the extraordinary honor of owning this little mare for 10 years today! My gorgeous Gina Girl! She was either 15 or just turned 16 when I got her a decade ago! But, anyways, because we don't know her 'actual' birthday she is either 25 or 26, but it doesn't matter! She is ageless and the best thing that could have ever happened to me! Happy birthday my beloved Gina Marie! Here is to a decade more!!! ... If you like this pic and the last 5+ pics I’ll return the spam and give a shoutout!!! Thanks my lovelies!! ... #spamforspam #shoutout ... #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #mylove #photography #pictureperfect #love #nightfury #loveofmylife #instadaily #beautiful #blessed #Godsbeauty #photooftheday #nofilter #tsgphotography #photo #photographer #photographyislife ... #bestofequines #boeunder3k #horsecaremom_post #Horseplanet #happybirthday #gotchaday #goals #beloved #spoiled #cake ...

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