Cats In Boxes

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Cats + boxes = happiness.

Shoe boxes, mail boxes, and even places that look like boxes; cats love to sit in them. But why?

Whilst it's not known for definite why our feline friends enjoy squeezing themselves into boxes, a number of scientists have come up with varying theories.

Theory #1

Warmth. According to a 2006 study by the National Research Council, a domestic cat's thermoneutral zone (the temperature that they're comfortable, without having to cool down or create energy to make themselves warmer) is 30- 36 degrees Celsius. By sitting in cardboard boxes, cats can conserve their lovely warmth for longer. This theory also explains why you'll probably often see your cat baking themselves in the sunspot of the house.

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Theory #2

Scaredy-cats. According to The Domestic Cat: The Biology of its Behaviour, cats are more likely to run away from their issues rather than resolving them. "Cats do not appear to develop conflict resolution strategies to the extent that other species do, so they may attempt to circumvent agonistic encounters by avoiding others or decreasing their activity".


Theory #3

Stress relief. Research carried out by Utrecht University in the Netherlands, highlights that boxes may well provide our furry loved ones with a space to withdraw and isolate themselves from stressful situations. By providing your cat with a cage or box, they are able to retreat to something they view as a 'safe zone'.


Theory #4

You've heard the saying "If I fits, I sits"- well this is what we, as owners, have devised is cat logic for whenever they see a box. Or a shoe. Or a sink.

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No splash zone, please.

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A bowlful of furry goodness

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3D Printed cat, anyone?

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Helping you make the right breakfast choice

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The Purrfect Takeaway



Cat in a box in a box in a box. so many boxes.

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