5 Ways to Entertain Your Dog During Winter

Posted by Phoebe Mason on

When the weather turns for the worst, the thought of spending time outdoors becomes less appealing. Here are some fun ways to keep your hound occupied while staying cosy inside. 

Indoor games

Scent games and other activities such as 'find it' are great for providing mental stimulation. When it comes to dinner time, rather than feeding your hound from their usual bowl, try scattering their food around.  You could even just hide a toy for them to search for, and when they find it, play with them as a reward. 

Obedience Classes

Find a local dog training class, whether this be agility, hoopers, flyball or general obedience. This gives you and your hound the opportunity to get out of the house and meet some new friends, all while learning something new. 

Create an at home obstacle course

Put together a fun obstacle course in your living room using cones or any other household items. Just make sure there is enough room for your hound to get around so they're not crashing into table legs! 

Organise a play date

Life is more fun with friends! Try organising for your hound's best fur-friends to come over for a playdate. 

Snuggle up

There's nothing better than a good snuggle with your pooch on the sofa while it's chilly outside. So, grab a cosy blanket and stick on your favourite Christmas film.


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