The Innocent Hound at the Northern Greyhound Gathering 2023

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We attended The Northern Greyhound Gathering 2023 at Wetherby Racecourse on Sunday 9th July.

The Innocent Hound team set up their stall and watched the magnificence of greyhounds take centre stage. We joined all the greyhound enthusiasts and their furry companions to celebrate the breed's elegance, grace, and undeniable charm.

The team enjoyed watching all the greyhounds stretch their long legs and browse our delicious selection of treats and food, it was evident that this gathering was more than just a social event or an all you can eat buffet for the greyhounds —there were some rosette winners for Best in Show, Best Rescue and Best Veteran in our presence.

The Innocent Hound

The Innocent Hound is well-known for its dedication to producing high-quality, air-dried healthy, nutritious treats made from only the finest ingredients. Our vibrant stall was showcasing an impressive range of air-dried treats, delicious, complete food and accessories! We had plenty of sausage stealers, soggy doggies using our paddling pool to cool down and a lot of loyal customers buying our products and popping into our stall to say hello!

Uniting Greyhound Lovers

From seasoned greyhound owners to curious first-timers, the gathering welcomed everyone with open arms. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees and stall holders exchanged what their favourite flavours of treats are and the best parts about owning a greyhound! 

The Greyhound Trust West Yorkshire played a pivotal role, offering information on adoption and providing support for those interested in giving a retired racing greyhound a loving home.

Link to Greyhound Trust:

Greyhound Trust West Yorkshire:

In conclusion, The Innocent Hound team had a fantastic time at Northern Greyhound Gathering 2023, meeting plenty of lovely customers, innocent hounds and not so innocent hounds (you know who you are) of all shapes and sizes, but most importantly, all the greyhounds!

Did your hound try some treats at the show and they want more? Shop online using the link below.

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