Puppy Proofing Your Home

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Puppy proofing your home is an essential step for new dog owners . Puppies tend to explore the world through their mouths, which is a completely normal behaviour, however it does pose a potential risk if your dog starts chewing on something they shouldn't be. 

Puppies, like human babies, are curious and tend to explore their environment by putting things in their mouths. This can lead to them chewing on, swallowing, or ingesting things that are harmful to their health.

By puppy proofing your home, you can prevent your puppy from coming into contact with hazardous items or substances, such as household chemicals, medications, and cleaning supplies. You can also protect your furniture, shoes, and other belongings from being damaged by a teething puppy. Additionally, puppy proofing can help prevent your puppy from escaping or getting into areas of your home where they could get hurt or cause damage.

When assessing a room for any potential hazards try looking at it from your dog's eye level. By crawling around on the floor you're judging your home from the height of your dog which can help you to identify any unsafe objects that may be of interest to them, or any small places they could get stuck in. 

Tidy up loose wires

Puppies are very curious and could easily mistake a colourful cord for a toy. Unplug any electrical cords, move them way out of reach, or string them through cord concealers. One option is to run cables under rugs or furniture or along with door frames and attach them with clips to keep them in place.

These chewing hazards can cause burns to the mouth or even electrical shocks so it's important to remember to never leave a puppy unattended in a room with accessible live wires.

Check your plants 

Make sure to remove or lock away any poisonous or toxic plants, such as lavender and eucalyptus, and keep an eye on your pup when they’re exploring their new home. Don't forget to also access the garden for any unsafe plants, your puppy could easily think your toxic plants are a tasty snack and ingest something harmful!

Put small items out of reach

Small items such as loose coins, stationary, and jewellery need to be placed somewhere secure to prevent your puppy from potentially choking on them.

Remember, puppies can get into anything so now is the time to give your house a thorough spring clean. Don't forget to also store dangerous items out of reach. Store household chemicals, medications, and cleaning supplies in cabinets or on high shelves where your puppy can't reach them.

If your dog does digest something they shouldn’t, you should call or visit your vet immediately.


By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your home is a safe and happy place for your new puppy to explore and play.

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