New Year resolutions for you and your pet

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2020 is just around the corner, and with a new year (and a new decade!) comes the age-old New Year Resolutions.

The start of a new year can be a great opportunity to set a list of new goals that you'd like to achieve, and what better way of reaching those targets, than getting your best furry friend involved!

If you're stuck on ideas, then we have created a list of great (and easy to stick to!) resolutions for you and your pet in 2020.

 New Year Resolutions with your pet | The Innocent Hound

Learn a new trick

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but we know plenty of golden oldies mastering new commands!

By teaching (and learning) a new trick, you're spending more time with your pet, as well as keeping their brain active. This is a fantastic way to bond with new pets that have come into the family, especially from rescues as you are offering positive reinforcement, training and giving them all of the love they may have never had before.
Dog trick | The Innocent Hound
For anyone with high energy dogs, learning new tricks is a fantastic way of keeping your hounds mentally stimulated - which is often more tiring than physical exercise!

New trick ideas:
- Paw (great for dogs and cats!)
- Lie Down
- Wait
- Speak
- Roll Over





Explore new places

Get out and about in 2020. There are hundreds and thousands of new locations waiting to be explored! So many venues are dog friendly now, including cafes, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

If you're not sure where to start, there are plenty of ways to check out what's local to you. Try searching different dog friendly groups on social media, as well as apps such as Dog Friendly for up-to-date information.


Playing games

Similarly to learning new tricks, playing and learning new games are fantastic for mental stimulation. With us humans, games that involve logic, numbers or observation skills are excellent for improving memory, concentration and coordination. And well, the same can be said with dogs!

Commonly known as enrichment, games that include the different senses are great to get a dog's mind working. Scent work, searching and fetching all route back to many dogs' original breed characteristics, and offer a real workout for their brains.

Games are perfect for energetic, bored or busy dogs who need to burn some energy when they are indoors.

Canine enrichment | Healthy Dog Treats

Get your life admin in order

Recently moved, or changed your phone number? Kick off the new year by getting all of those boring (but super important!) details changed. Whether it's for bills, your driving licence or for fun stuff, set aside some time to update your details.

The same goes for your pets! If you have changed your details, it's so important to make sure that your pets' microchips are up to date. It's a simple and straightforward task that doesn't take up too much time, and is vital if ever your pet goes missing.


Healthy Cat Treats | The Innocent Pet 

Quality Time

In the fast paced lives we all lead, it's easy to forget the little things. Why not add a "self-care" resolution to 2020, and vow to give yourself some quality time.

Whether that's letting yourself lie in that bit longer on a Sunday, or visiting the hairdresser for a new 'do, self-care is a great way to keep in check with your mind and body, and listening to what it needs.

When it comes to your pets, why don't you offer the same? Add an extra grooming session into your week, which in turn helps to improve the bond between you and your pet. That said, if your cat is the hairbrush-attacking-type, maybe swap grooming for extra playtime and tasty treats.

Spending quality time with our pets not only strengthens your companionship, it actually reduces your stress levels.


Walk more

In a 2018 survey conducted by the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturer's Association), vets believe that 51% of dogs and 44% of cats are overweight, whereas 68% of owners think their pets are exactly the right size.

We're all guilty of skipping a walk on the odd occasion, or taking a short-cut when we get caught out in the rain. Start the new year on the right foot, by increasing your steps. An extra 10 minutes on your walks will do wonders for your heart, lungs and mindset. And what better way than to do it with your favourite furriends!

Dog walk | Healthy Dog Treats | The Innocent Hound
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  • thanks and also happy new year for all. i think its a awesome gift for new year. very nicly 2 dog showing plats of happy new year. the new year gift from my side is german shepherd puppies

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