Keeping Your Dog Safe This Halloween

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Although the 31st of October might be loads of fun for us, it might not be as enjoyable for our hounds. The spooky season can be a stressful time for our pets, so below are our top tips for keeping them safe this Halloween. 

Walkies before trick or treaters

If you can, try and get your pooch out for a walk before all those terrifying trick or treaters come out. Having plenty of exercise throughout the day may also help encourage them to stay calm in the evening. 

Be prepared for when the doorbell starts to ring

It's best to find a secure safe place your dog can relax for when you're answering the door. Maybe even give them an interactive toy such as a stuffed Kong to keep them occupied while you're busy handing out sweets. Background noise such as the tv or radio is also recommended to keep their mind off the Halloween terrors outside.

Don't forget to reward your dog's calm behaviour, especially settling or responding well to cues!

Keep sweets out of reach 

Although sweets might look and taste delicious to us, they are often not safe for dogs to eat, especially chocolate, which can be fatal for our dogs. So, make sure anything sugary is kept well out of reach.

The same goes for any pumpkins with lit candles inside, make sure those fluffy tails don't get caught, and that they're not placed somewhere they could easily get knocked over. 

There are however plenty of fun festive things to do with your pet to celebrate Halloween this year.

Sharing a pumpkin 

When you're carving your pumpkin this Halloween, why not set some aside for your hound to enjoy. Pumpkins are a healthy treat for both dogs and cats and carry many health benefits such as improving digestive and urinary health. You can read more about the health benefits here

Treat them

We're sure the word 'treat' is music to our dog's ears so why not spoil them with some delicious treats, after all, it's their Halloween as well.


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