Getting Involved With Walk Your Dog Month

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With January being walk your dog month, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get moving and kickstart your healthy new years resolutions. This awareness month brings wellbeing benefits for both you and your hound to enjoy.  


2023 is all about new adventures and exciting experiences, so national walk your dog month is an opportunity for you and your hound to get out and appreciate the location you call home!

This January aims to break up your normal routine and encourages you to increase both yours and your pet’s daily exercise routine. Walking is considered one of the most effective cardio exercises, as it reduces the risk of diseases, and can extend your life, so brush of those January blues, and get out and about, enjoy the stunning wintery conditions, and improve you and your dog’s wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Almost 12% of the dogs owned in the UK are considered overweight, which can contribute to the development of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. So regular walks are essential for keeping blood pressure low, improving joint mobility and improving cardiovascular health, as well as preventing your dogs from getting bored and potentially developing behavioural issues at home. 

Walking is not only great for your physical health, it's also quality bonding time for you and your pup, and offers ample training opportunities. Practicing commands and fun training games during your walk provides mental stimulation and enrichment for your hound, so don't forget to grab a bag of training treats next time you head out. 

Don't let the freezing temperatures and dark evenings put you off, brush off those walking boots, grab the poo bags and head out to fully enjoy the benefits that walk your dog month brings. 

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