Celebrating Earth Day

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Celebrating Earth Day

Since the 22nd of April is known for being 'Earth day', we want to highlight our efforts in reducing our impact on the environment. 

Here at The Innocent Hound, we are continually taking steps to improve our environmental paw-print as a business. It will always be a work-in-progress, as we believe that there will always room for improvement. 

British Ingredients 

We source all the ingredients ourselves using approved suppliers and strive for ethical and sustainable produce. We're proud to support British farming and use British ingredients across our entire food and treats range.  Our meat is sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms, who's values centre around environmental protection. Buying local also reduces the amount of miles our ingredients have to travel in order to reach our factory in Yorkshire. 

Recyclable Packaging 

It has been our goal to make sure all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we are delighted to say that we are just about there!  With only 2 products left in the old style packaging (of course we didn't want to waste this), we are pleased that all of The Innocent Hound product packaging is now recyclable.  It won't stop here - as packaging technology moves on, then so will we.


Renewable Energy

All of our food and treats are made here in our human-grade factory which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

Carbon Neutral Delivery 

Our orders are delivered using DPD, which are a company committed to being carbon neutral and minimising their impact on the environment. 

Charity Donations

With our very own Innocent hounds Ziggy and Mash both being rescue dogs, we are committed to supporting rescues and charities. We have a zero-waste treat policy which has allowed us to send over 1,000kg of treats to animal rescues and charities across the UK in the last 12 months. 

A happy hound at Oakwood Dog Rescue!


This April we want to encourage everyone to show their support of the environment and think sustainable. Let's all try and make a difference!

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