Cat Selfies

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As humans, we're pretty slick at this whole technology business. Everyone between the ages of 8-80 (and more) knows what a selfie is. Some of us can even manage to capture ourselves pretty well. But have you ever seen an animal selfie?

Meet Manny. He's one cool rescue cat who has mastered the art of the selfie. Even without the use of opposable thumbs.




 Manny is quite the skateboard expert.




 He likes to get outdoors 'with the elements' for more artistic shots.


 Manny has even got the group selfie down!




 "Pull a funny face!"




 Even Manny's hound mates are giving the selfie game a go






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 It's still a work in progress though, eh Manny?


You can see more at Manny's Instagram page here.

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