12 Things You'll Know If Your Dog Sleeps On Your Bed

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As Spring approaches, March 1st marks the start of National Bed Month. But who's doing the sleeping? A recent survey highlighted that nearly a third of all UK dog owners allow their pet to sleep in their bed, with women being more likely than men to have a furry cuddle buddy.

There is the age-old debate between whether it's good or bad to have dogs sleeping in beds, but ultimately it's the decision of the owner.

Here we have pulled together a list of things you'll definitely understand when your dog sleeps on your bed:

1. They fight depression. 

It's been scientifically proven that stroking dogs release endorphins, so snuggle away! It's good for you.

dog petting

2. Snores galore. 

Your dog's snore can rival even that of your partner's- but strangely, you don't seem to mind their doggy dreams.

3. You secretly love the warmth.

Dogs are like little furry radiators- in Summer it's like sleeping in a furnace, but come those Winter months you're glad of the extra heat.

4. You have an added burglar alarm.

Don't let those snuffles fool you, your pooch always has one ear open ready to let you know of any potential dangers. That, and he'll also let you know when your neighbour stumbles home after one too many.

beware of dog

5. No personal space. Ever.

Don't even think about romance, unless you're happy with a furry face immediately rushing to check you're both ok, or to play, or to bring you their half chewed cuddly toy.

6. We all love a spoon.

You can't deny, you've spooned your dog. Or you wake up to find Fido's paw resting on your shoulder.

dog spooning

7. The smells. The terrible smells.

Well this one works both ways- you may have to put up with some suspicious odours, but you've always got someone to blame. (Sorry.)

8. Being the chosen one.

That feeling when your dog chooses you. Shortly followed by the smirk shot across to your partner.

 9. It's great if you like sleeping on the beach.

Seriously. No matter how much you groom your pet, or how clean you think they may be, you will always spend time sweeping your sheets prior to getting in bed.

10. They always let you pick what's on TV.

They're just happy to be next to you. Fancy a *secret* Big Brother binge? No problem.

dog watching tv

11. Taking a bum. To the face.

When you're half asleep and can feel the furry warmth nuzzling into your shoulder is so nice. Except after being slapped round the face by a tail, you realise that you're centimetres away from the danger zone.

12. Doggy dreams.

Because even if they hog the mattress, steal the duvets and bring all of their toys into bed with them, you just love watching their twitching paws and snoozy sounds. They're so comfortable that you don't dare move a muscle. Ahh.

dog sleeping

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