Luxury Leather Treat Pouch

  • £35.00

When you have such wonderful treats, you need a pouch that is equally as wonderful to put them in!

Our luxurious treat pouch has been designed especially for The Innocent Hound. It has been lovingly handstitched in Britain using the finest quality Italian leather and fastenings, and finished to the highest standard.

We are lucky to have sourced leather off-cuts from an extremely desirable, shoe-maker based in London. The leather is soft but with a firm weight and has been chosen for its durability. The clasp is a heavyweight die cast zinc with an antique brass finish and can be used to securely attach the pouch to your garments. There is also a leather belt loop on the back as an alternative fastening.

The pouch has an opening big enough for both male and female wearers, so your hounds won't be left waiting for their rewards. The opening is also big enough for an innocent hound's snout to fit in - so be careful where you leave it!

*Belt not included.


Dimensions: 13cm x 11cm x 4cm

Colour: Due to the natural materials there may be slight variation in colours and markings.

Care: An occasional rub with leather balm with make the leather long lasting and age beautifully.