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The Innocent Promise

We can promise our products are the finest quality...because we make them.

It is our mission to make the best quality treats for your pets to enjoy; everything that we do in our human grade factory is done to ensure this.  Some things you will see, some things only your pet will know (unless of course you’ve tried the treats yourself!) and some things you just wouldn’t have thought about.  We want to tell you about them because they are all important to us.

You can find out just how we make your pet's favourite healthy treats, by watching our fully immersive, virtual reality video tour below!


Finest ingredients

We source all the ingredients ourselves using approved suppliers and strive for ethical and sustainable produce.  Our meat is farmed in Britain which has some of the highest farming and animal welfare standards in the world. The farms we source from are Red Tractor accredited, and our fish is sourced from MSC accredited suppliers.  It is human-grade and we only use fresh meat with not an ounce of meat meal on site.

Lead safe venison The Innocent Pet luxury dog treats

Lead safe venison

We are very careful about the cuts of wild venison that we use and take every effort to make sure the meat is not tainted with lead which can be emitted from bullets.  We undergo a thorough lead testing programme which involves laboratory analysis and metal detection of the raw meat, followed by metal detection of the finished product.  We can assure you that our treats fall well below the legal levels of lead permitted in complementary food by FEDIAF.

Handmade with love

Each product we make involves at least 10 points of manual intervention and expertise.  We are proud of the fact that our treats are lovingly handmade by our knowledgeable team who always strive for perfection. 

The Innocent Pet hand packing luxury rabbit treats

Gently air-dried

We have developed our own bespoke drying system which slowly and carefully dehydrates our treats to a safe moisture level, preventing bacterial growth.  This method does not rely on heat so our treats are suitable for raw feeding.  It also maintains the nutrients and flavours of the ingredients.  The drying process can take anywhere between 3 and 7 days – so you see there is a lot of time, love and care that goes into making our treats.

Honest labelling

We hope you find our labelling simple and easy to understand.  We have nothing to hide and we believe you should know exactly what you are feeding your pet.

Environmental impact

This will always be a work-in-progress as we believe no matter how hard we try, there will always be room for improvement.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve our impact on the environment whilst making sure we maintain product safety.


Easi Works social enterprise The Innocent Pet

Charity & Community Support

With our Innocent hound Bongo and Mash both being rescue dogs, we are committed to supporting rescues and charities. We have a zero-waste treat policy and in 2018 this allowed us to send almost 400kg of treats to animal rescues and charities around the UK - that's a lot of waggy tails! We also support the local community and are thrilled to be working with Easi Works, supporting adults with Autism and learning disabilities. We like to think that we make rewarding treats for your pets, but for us, this part of our business is just as rewarding!

It is for all of these reasons that we truly believe we are bringing you the best quality pet treats available.

 You could say that we Walk the Walkies,
not just Talk the Talkies!